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We are delighted to recommend Linda as the best pet sitter ever.  She takes care of our five dogs on a regular basis including overnight care.  She is an extraordinarily caring, loving lady. You can rely completely upon Linda. She loves our babies and they adore her.
Linda is always on time, has never ever cancelled, and has been with us for 10 years now. When she leaves, everything is spotless. She takes extra special care of older and sick pets. Your beloved pets will be in the best hands ever with Linda!

Lynn and Chris W

Linda Tidwell has been caring for our dogs for many years. She is responsible, dependable, kind and compassionate. The past year, she took exceptional care of our elderly dachshund. She was the only caregiver we trusted to take care of our little senior citizen. Linda also waters our plants, brings in the mail, and takes care of our house when we travel. We don't know what we would do without Linda!

and Alan McMillan

I have used Linda's Pet Sitting Services for a couple of years now.  She is so good with my little guys.  They love her!  She sends pictures to me via text and let's me know how they are doing.  My schedule is always changing and Linda is so accommodating working with me.  I feel so comfortable traveling and knowing Linda is babysitting my pets and looking after my home!


Linda has been a caring for my two dogs for 8 yrs now.  She is truly a professional pet sitter in every way. She is reliable, trustworthy, and most of all loving and caring with my dogs. They look forward to every visit with her. I highly recommend her!   

Linda Hayes

My wife and I have 2 yorkies and six cats. Normally I go home at lunch time to take the dogs out and check on everything but recently work has me traveling all over and sometimes on short notice. We needed help with all these animals and found Linda who is just wonderful. She loves our animals and takes very good care of them when we need her. She is also very flexible on dates and times. If your pets have any special needs she can see to those as well, but no matter what, she gives them all extra love when she visits.
We would highly recommend Linda for your pet sitting needs!

Andy and Denise Kidd

Linda has been watching our dogs for over three years. I have never met a more professional person in my life. She goes way beyond the extra mile in taking care of our dogs, birds, and turtles. We could not ask for a better pet sitter! She sends us texts and photos every time we travel.  I highly recommend her if you need that very special sitter for your pets.

Kathy and Len Wendell

Linda is an excellent pet sitter. I have used her services many times over these past five years. She would even go next door and check on my Son's dog for him. I was so pleased to know she offered overnight stays at her client's homes. Not only did that make my dog feel more secure, but my home was as well. She always sent me texts and photos while I was away. I found her to be very attentive to Elle’s needs and Elle was always relaxed with her. Linda is very reputable and loves animals. I know you will be happy with her service!

Lewanda McKee

Linda has been my pet sitter for the past several years. I have 3 dogs, 2 cats, and an albino frog. She has always taken great care of my pets when I'm out of town. She has even taken one of my dogs ( he had epilepsy ) to the vet after he suffered a seizure to get him checked out. I was several hours away and she immediately notified me and took care of everything, totally putting my mind at ease. I wouldn't think of leaving my animals with anyone but Linda!

Georgeann R

Linda has cared for our pets for over 5 years. Initially she cared for our 2 German Shepherds. She came by to meet us and the dogs she would be responsible for. She took notes regarding their food habits, questioned allergies and their routine. She took down the information as well as documented where she would take them in an emergency situation. Linda provided references and they were excellent. She spent time observing the dogs and letting them get use to her. She was very dependable and met our expectations.  Linda stayed overnight in our home several times and was responsible and dependable. She discussed services and pricing up front.
Linda cared for our Himalayan cat this year. She was very gentle and loving. I could tell Prince liked her! She spent a lot of time playing with and grooming him. Linda is a lover of animals and we will definitely use her services again.

Peggy McCullough

We highly recommend Linda. She is dedicated to providing the best care for our cat, Sami. We have used her services over the past 9 years for as long as six weeks at a time. We never hesitated leaving our cat in her care. She is honest, performs her duties with care, and is always willing to work with us when something special is required. You can not find a better pet sitter!

Jim and Diane K

We have a Golden Doodle named Missy and an 85 lb Yellow Lab name Buddy, they are our babies, and we love that we have been able to use Linda Tidwell (the pet nanny) to take care of them when we have to go away. Linda loves Missy and Buddy and we know they love her as well. It's very important to us to have someone who will not only take care of Missy and Buddy but also take care of our home when we are not there. Linda will check the mail for us, bring in trash cans, and open and close our blinds. We know Linda was heaven sent and we plan to use her any time we need a pet sitter.   

Steve and Diane G

Linda has cared for our Chihuahua and Pomeranian who has special needs for many years now.
They love Linda and get so excited to see her when we have to leave for a trip. Unlike most "doggie day cares", Linda not only meets their physical needs for food, water, walks, etc. but she makes sure their emotional needs, being petted, talked to, and played with, are met as well. Linda is a
caring, honest, and competent caregiver. We would not think of leaving our "babies" with anyone
but Linda and we highly recommend her!

Pam & Steve Raybourn and "Princess & Taz"
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