24 Hour Pet Nanny - Caring for your precious pets in "their" environment
                                                                                            *Rates as low as $15 per visit
                                                                        3 visits a day for $45 !!
Rates and Services             10% discount military
                                                                                                  (excludes bundle rate discount)
                                                                                                         (ongoing discount)

Each pet sitting service will include the following:
* Dog walking/cat walking
* Fun playtime with lots of TLC
* Fresh food and water
* Medication administration
* Litterbox/cage/crate maintenance
* Clean up of pet-related accidents
* Brushing fur                                                    (please continue to scroll down for more info)
* Hand feeding for picky pets
* Exercise
* A note detailing my time with your pet     

Upon request, I will gladly water your plants, bring in mail and newspaper,
adjust your window blinds, turn lights on and off, move your garbage can to and
from curb.

                                                    "bundled rates"
*30 minute visit - $17      ( 3 or more visits per day, $15 per visit )

*60 minute visit - $27      ( 3 or more visits per day, $25 per visit )

 Depending on mileage, rates per visit will increase on any job over 5 miles from my
 home base.
 4 or more pets, additional $2 will be added to each visit                                                                     
*Overnight Pet Sitting   ( 7 pm - 7am ) $60 per night                                 
 I would require an additional midday pet sitting visit for dogs who do not have an
 ability to relieve themselves during the day.

* I also offer house sitting services and light house cleaning for those clients that do not
own pets but want the added security that someone will be guarding over their home
while they are away. Also dealing responsibly with any repairmen while doing
scheduled work at your home and notifying you in case an emergency should arise.
Same basic/bundled rates would apply.

*I offer midday potty breaks for pets whose owners work                                                                                                                         
*I offer security checks on your home                                                                                                                                                                                      
Dog Walking Services:
5 Day (Mon - Fri)   $17 per day    

Incidental Services:
Pet Taxi for veterinarian and/or grooming appts., trip to dog park, pick up food/meds,
etc. Whatever needs arise for you, I will happily do! There is no job too big or too small.
$20 charge first hour, $10 each additional 30 min.

*Initial meet and greet is FREE (usually about a 30 min visit)
*Key pick up/return fee is $15
  To avoid this fee, I ask client for a permanent key at the initial consultation.
Holiday Fees:

An additional $10 will be charged on the following holidays:

*New Year's Day
*Valentine's Day
*July 4th
*Thanksgiving Day
*Christmas Day

Payment in full is due on (or prior to) the first day of service. Cash,checks,or money
orders are acceptable. All payments are to be made to Linda Tidwell. A $35 fee will be
charged for any returned checks.
When You Return:
24 Hour Pet Nanny asks that all clients who have been out of town contact Linda via
phone, email, or text as soon as they arrive home to assure the animals are being cared

*References available upon request 
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